Amp folding Speaker allows you to get the ultimate theater experience (video)

Amp folding Speaker: allows you to get the ultimate theater experience Tencent digital hearing (Sean) feel that the iPad speaker effect is not good enough? In addition to the purchase of a Bluetooth speaker, you now have a new choice. AMP folding speaker allows you to get the ultimate theater experience Amp is a specially designed for the iPad portable stereo speakers, committed to providing you with home theater audio experience anytime, anywhere. Amp’s body is made of aluminum alloy material, lightweight and portable, but also improve the durability. It uses a collapsible design, after opening the space for you to place iPad. In this way, you will have a portable home theater. Like other portable speakers, the Amp is connected to the mobile device via bluetooth. In addition to iPad, you can also connect it with the phone. Not only can you use it to listen to music and watch movies, but also as a video calling device, the addition of additional speakers also brings better voice quality. Amp built-in 900mAh battery, life claims in more than 7 hours, the use of long time is not a problem. Amp is currently being carried out on the public Indiegogo, priced at $99 (about 661 yuan), is expected to ship in October this year. Source: Indiegogo boring boring life? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章:

[happiness] a bowl of carrot and egg noodles – Sohu sichen

[happiness] a bowl of carrot and egg noodles – Sohu family birthday, aunt will prepare us for her good longevity. Aunt noodles is the local longevity she brought from Jieyang. It used to cook soup, it is conventional to cook is good, but if it is used to choose steamed to Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, the longevity noodles, and then pour a little oil, then spread out and set aside. The face of this treatment, easy to cook non stick pot, taste is excellent. The last time my eldest aunt steamed, then she will give me a big bag, I want to eat cold food to eat. Today is a carrot with fried egg so Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, at home there is a point I also lost celery on the inside, don’t care about their own family to eat a mix. I can not see the remnants of the left, can use it, it is a waste of rich food. Fried like this, I generally do not have a shovel, pick a pair of chopsticks with two mix, very labor-saving and this way out of plane is very loose, send first love can refer to, not do not necessarily add celery, into more fragrant scallion. Preparation: half a carrot, celery amount (for onion better), 3 egg, cooked noodles 1 practice: one: prepare the materials used, the pot gas will be under the pan to the egg freezing. Two: beat the eggs into the noodles, then add carrots and celery. Three: choose to mix noodles add heated fine salt and cooking wine, stir fry until cooked food can taste.相关的主题文章:

Han Yingyue interest rate hike is expected to upset the market gold long slim liuxiaobo

Han Yingyue: the interest rate is expected to disrupt the gold bull market slim client view the latest market since August, the market focus on the change of the Fed rate hike is expected, the Fed rate hike is expected to rise and fall, market fluctuations. At present, the market is generally expected the Fed will not raise interest rates at the September meeting, before the Fed meeting on interest rates in September, the interest rate hike is expected to fluctuate. Because the U.S. stocks fell sharply, resulting in greater volatility in global financial markets, based on this, the Fed meeting in September before and after the re release is less likely to raise interest rates signal, even if the market for machine counter, but its persistent bias, limited space. Han Yingyue believes that the Fed will raise interest rates in the second half of the event will become an important risk point in the financial markets, and even become the main line of the dominant market sentiment. On September this year, the U.S. Federal Reserve will be held on the 21 meeting on interest rates, the U.S. data released previously disappointing, the market is expected to lower interest rate hike in September. However, the recent U.S. and Japanese officials of the Fed’s statement shows a large difference, and caused the global financial market turmoil. Especially when the Hawks emerge, the market demand for hedging immediately reflect, gold, bonds and a corresponding increase in demand for safe haven assets. Changes in the market for the FOMC decision under, Han Yingyue believes that if the Fed does not raise interest rates in September, December or so before the four quarter of the market uncertainty will increase the volatility of funds at the end of the three season will spend smoothly; if the Fed rate hike in September, then the end of the three quarter financial volatility will increase substantially, does not exclude the possibility of domestic monetary policy short-term enhancement. However, this also reduces the uncertainty of the latter, the fourth quarter of the risk aversion will be substantially reduced. Tuesday (13 September) to the international spot gold fell slightly, although the Fed governor Brainard’s speech on Monday that the Fed rate hike is expected to cool down, gold decline eased, but the United States that continued to be strong, but made gold bearing long scruples, so the gold for two consecutive days to maintain low volatility, the highest price of gold on Tuesday hit 1330 line. But the two hit 1332 no breakthrough, formation blocked down, directly out of the shock down, the lowest test line 1314. Although the market has now lowered the rate hike in September, but the possibility of interest rate has not been eliminated, so the pressure will not be reduced in the short term gold. Tuesday crude oil, the international oil price shocks weaken, taking most of the gains overnight, U.S. crude oil futures fell more than 2% in October to $45.04 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures in November hit a low of $47.18 a barrel, although the overnight dollar weakness has helped the rise in oil prices, but the Bulls soon profits, because the fundamentals are still at the plight of IEA (International Department of energy) released monthly in the display, slowing demand for crude oil, OPEC supply is still increasing, excess supply will remain on the first half of 2017, also has weighed on oil prices. Technical analysis: gold from on line for five consecutive Yinxian, experienced in the positive stimulus of gold was above the 1350 mark, but Fed officials to raise interest rates in September to discuss the problem of problem, makes gold road rebound halted, the gold bull before the king lost, week 1320 mark repeatedly finally did not test.相关的主题文章: